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The ultimate Final Fantasy 15 collector's item is a marvel to drive, glorious to behold

The Audi Final Fantasy 15 R8 will set you back $470,000, if you're lucky enough to buy it

There are collector's items and then there is this magnificent car, the byproduct of work by Final Fantasy designers and Audi engineers.

The Audi R8 Star of Lucis isn't just a gorgeous, moving realization of the craftsmanship and fantasy of Final Fantasy 15. Only one of them exist in the world.

Audi says it will be selling it off for about $470,000 after conducting an application process and lottery to determine who the lucky buyer is.

Take a moment to look at the images of this vehicle and the many amazing details poured into it, from its fine arbesque tooling, to the swords crafted into the wheels. This is more art than machine.

Make sure you get all the way to the bottom of this gallery to check out the trailer for the car. More details, in Japanese, about how to go about trying to purchase it can be found here. Also, the website is pretty amazing. All photos come from Audi.