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Nintendo NES Classic consoles appear on eBay for up to $999, sell for as high as $500

Nintendo fans aren’t pleased

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NES Classic Edition photos Samit Sarkar/Polygon

At midnight, Nintendo’s newest micro console, the NES Classic, officially hit store shelves and online retailers. Due to the limited amount of consoles the company was releasing to retailers, stores like Target, GameStop and Best Buy made it a ticketed item, and restricted purchasing to one per customer.

People who had decided to line up for the midnight release tweeted that certain stores only had six consoles in stock and employees were turning away those that didn’t make the cutoff. Angry and disappointed, many called out Nintendo for underproducing the product and complained that the only way to grab a console now was to pay more than the $60 price tag to grab one off eBay.

At the time of this writing, there were 467 returned search results for the NES Classic on eBay, and although most of the price tags aren’t as outrageously high as the $740 listing, they’re still hovering around $200. That’s more than three times the retail price, and people aren’t happy with the situation. There are a couple that are priced egregiously, however, with one sitting at $450, another at $740 with the highest-priced version of the console going for $999.

In terms of how much people were willing to spend, search results show that most are spending anywhere between $140 and $200 on eBay to secure a Classic. The most someone has paid, as of 9 a.m. ET this morning, was $500.

The Classics are also sold out online, but Nintendo has confirmed that there will be a second wave of consoles hitting store shelves in just a couple of weeks. There are a variety of retailers that will be carrying the Classic over the holiday period, so keep an eye on these listings to see when stock is replenished.

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