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Nintendo NES Classic sold out nationwide at Toys R Us, disappears from website

More expected in for the holidays

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NES Classic photos Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Toys R Us has sold out of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition nationwide, a spokesperson for the toy retailer tells Polygon.

“The item is sold out at this time,” according to the spokesperson, “and going into this holiday season, we knew that Nintendo’s NES: Classic Edition was going to be a hot item among kids — and, of course kids at heart — and we named it to our 2016 Hot Toy List for that reason.

“For shoppers looking to cross this must-have item off their holiday wish list, they can check back with their local Toys R Us store often, as we expect to receive additional consoles between now and Christmas.”

The diminutive version of the classic NES console was available on and off throughout the morning on the Toys R Us website, but about noon, it went out of stock seemingly for good. Within a few minutes the entire listing for the console disappeared from the site as well.

NES Classic box
You probably won’t see this box at your local Toys R Us anytime soon
Samit Sarkar/Polygon

We’ve asked the rep why the NES Classic is no longer listed on the Toys R Us site at all, and if it will be available through online purchases when the retailer restocks the item, but have not heard back. We will update this story when we do.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the item this week, you may be out of luck, though Nintendo makes it sound like more of the consoles will be shipping throughout the holidays.

You can check the full list of places you should be able to eventually find the NES Classic right here. You might also want to try a stock tracking site. I’ve been using NowInStock.Net.

In the meantime, here’s a little salt for your wounds: our hands-on review of the NES Classic Edition, which is as delightful as you’d expect. And this lovely video showing what you can’t yet touch.

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