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Where to buy extension cords and wireless controllers for the NES Classic

You’re going to need them

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NES Classic Controller comparison shots Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The NES Classic is finally out, but those unboxing it may notice one glaring thing: the cables are just a bit short.

In Polygon’s review, we said that “Nintendo has also introduced the best retro console-in-a-box on the market,” but pointed out that one of the major issues the console faces isn’t the actual system, but concerns the controller that comes with it. The retro-style gamepad only has a 30-inch cord, which means that it “requires you to drag the NES Classic console onto the floor to split the difference from your couch to your TV.”

Although it’s a pain, it’s not an impossible problem. There are a couple of cord extenders and wireless controller options that people can pick up for relatively cheap. To make it easier, Polygon has compiled a list of third-party products that will work with the NES Classic and make for a smoother playing experience.

Cord Extenders

There are a couple of different options if your preferred route is to simply extend the wire attached to the retro NES Classic controller that comes in the box. Insignia has a 6-foot extension cable for $9.99 that can be picked up at Best Buy. My Arcade is selling a 10-foot extender cable for $9.99 that can be purchased on Amazon.

Wireless Controllers

There are a couple of wireless controller options for those who don’t want to deal with long cables or have to lie on their stomachs on the floor to play the NES Classic, as nostalgic as that may be.

If wireless is the way you want to play, here are some of the best and most cost effective. My Arcade is selling its Gamepad Classic, a wireless controller designed to work specifically with Nintendo’s new console, for $14.99 on Amazon. According to the company’s description of the controller, it should play without any noticeable lag and without disconnecting as long as its within 30-feet of the console. It’ll run for approximately 75 hours, but does need two AAA batteries. Later this month, My Arcade is offering a combo pack that combines the wireless Gamepad Classic with the 10-foot extender cable for $24.99. That will be available on Nov. 30.

Nyko has also made a wireless controller for the system, called the Miniboss Wireless Controller, that’s going for $19.99 at GameStop. Like My Arcade’s Gamepad Classic, the Miniboss Wireless Controller will work from up to 30-feet away. The description doesn’t mention if the controller runs on batteries or is rechargeable.

The NES Classic Edition went on sale this morning at midnight around the country, but stores reported that they sold out within minutes. The number of NES Classic consoles shipped to stores, including Best Buy, Target and GameStop, ranged anywhere from 6 to 50. The console is going for sale on eBay, with some people paying up to $500 to get their hands on it. Nintendo has confirmed, however, that it’s shipping out more consoles in the coming weeks, so don’t lose hope just yet.

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