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Dishonored 2 collectibles level 2: Edge of the World

Table of contents

  • Rune 1
  • Blueprint 1: Dispersed Incendiary Release
  • Painting 1: The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell
  • Rune 2
  • Bonecharm 1
  • Rune 3
  • Rune 4 and Bonecharm 2
  • Blueprint 2
  • Painting 2: The Vice Overseer's Predicate Logic
  • Rune 5
  • Bonecharm 3
  • Bonecharm 4
  • Bonecharm 5
  • Runes 6 and 7
  • Bonecharm 6
  • Painting 3: Hypatia's Projective Gaze
  • walkthrough

    Rune 1

    After you've collected everything from the ship and from the water near the ship (specifically, the rune), talk to the dread pirate Meagan to take the skiff into Karnaca.

    Just past the bar that apparently only serves lukewarm lemonade, you'll come to a whale corpse. Grab the rune inside its head.

    Blueprint 1: Dispersed Incendiary Release

    The first blueprint and painting are a lot more complicated. Turn away from the whale toward the buildings. Your goal is the blueish building directly in front of you. Look for the awning under an open window.

    Use your new Far Reach power or the conveniently stacked boxes to hop up. The blueprint is in the safe in the room to your left.

    Painting 1: The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell

    After you grab it, head back to the awning. Continue left across the awnings, flagpoles, fans and balconies around the corner. In the room you come you, you'll find the first painting.

    Rune 2

    Continue along the waterfront to the black market where you can purchase the next rune.

    Bonecharm 1

    Inside the bloodfly-infested building, use the heart to guide you to a bonecharm buried inside a bloodfly nest. Dispatch the bloodflies and hit the nest to uncover it.

    Rune 3

    Across the canal is the Overseer building where you'll find a few more collectibles. Before you head all the way across, though, hop into the water and go all the way to the left. Destroy the plank blocking the water and a rune will wash down to you.

    Rune 4 and Bonecharm 2

    There's a crowd of people outside of the Overseer building to the right. Theres a rune and a bonecharm on the table. You'll have to get in and out quick if you don't want to pick a fight with the Guard.

    Blueprint 2

    Head up to the third floor balcony — directly above you/the table. You'll find the second and final blueprint on the Vice Overseer's desk.

    Painting 2: The Vice Overseer's Predicate Logic

    That handsome gentleman glowering at you from the wall is your next painting.

    Rune 5

    The notes and books you find in the Overseer building will give you the clues you need to figure out the nearby safe's combination. Open it to find another rune.

    Bonecharm 3

    Head upstairs to the interrogation room. You can either use the key you find on a nearby guard or just smash through the window to gain access. You'll find a corrupted bonecharm inside.

    Bonecharm 4

    Continue up to the roof and head back toward the water. Grab another bonecharm from the corpse you find next to a bloodfly nest.

    Bonecharm 5

    Work your way back toward the Overseer building. About halfway back, there's a balcony you can jump to on your left. Smash through the boarded up window and fight off the guards to find another bonecharm.

    Rune 6 and Rune 7

    In a small room right next to you, there's an Outsider alter. Grab the runes and the painting you find there.

    Bonecharm 6

    At the far end of the street is the Winslow Safe store. Use the code you find in the cash register to open the safe at the back to find another bonecharm.

    Painting 3: Hypatia's Projective Gaze

    Dr. Hypathia's apartment is upstairs. Let yourself in to find the final painting and take a moment to think about how weird it would be to have a stern-faced picture of yourself in your house.


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