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Dishonored 2 collectibles level 3: The Good Doctor

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

  • Bonecharm 1
  • Bonecharm 2
  • Blueprint 1: Combat Sleep Dart Formula
  • Painting 1: Duke Abele's Propositional State
  • Rune 1
  • Rune 2
  • Bonecharm 3
  • Rune 3 and Rune 4
  • Blueprint 2: Mercury Vapor Distillation
  • Rune 5
  • Bonecharm 4
  • Bonecharm 5 and Painting 2: I Regard Her, Within and Without
  • Rune 6 and Painting 3: Anton Sokalov in Subtractive Light
  • Walkthrough

    Bonecharm 1

    When the carriage drops you off at Addemire, you'll actually be standing right over the first bonecharm. Turn around and look for the gap in the fence. Drop or Far Reach to the pipe, then to the ground. Climb up under the platform to find a bonecharm.

    Bonecharm 2

    The next bonecharm is immediately inside the door.

    Blueprint 1: Combat Sleep Dart Formula

    In the next room, head to the right. Far Reach up to the second floor — you'll turn of the light wall here — and head into the room in the corner. You'll find the combination for the safe on a desk. Open the safe for the Combat Sleep Dart Formula blueprint.

    Painting 1: Duke Abele's Propositional State

    The first painting is immediately to the right of the light wall, directly ahead of the front door.

    Rune 1

    Across the building — to the left of the front door — is the heavily-patrolled Dining Hall. You'll find a rune in the middle of the room stuck to the wall.

    Rune 2

    You'll find your next collectibles at the very top of Addermire. There is a rune just to the left of the top of the elevator shaft — where you break the elevator cables to access the basement.

    Bonecharm 3

    Outside, use Far Reach to climb to the highest roof to find a black bonecharm in a nest.

    Rune 3 and Rune 4

    As you work your way back down and investigate Dr. Hypathia's office, follow the heart outside and along the roof to the private apartments where you can find an Outsider Shrine and a couple runes.

    Blueprint 2: Mercury Vapor Distillation

    To the left of the door to Hypathia's office, there is a small set of stairs behind you that lead up to Joe Hamilton's quarters — assuming you got the key from the box behind him in Disease Treatment. Be careful when approaching, though, because the top of the stairs is boobytrapped. Inside his quarters, you'll find the second set of blueprints, for Mercury Vapor Distillation.

    Rune 5

    With Dr. Hypathia's key, you can now open the Recuperation Room on the fourth floor. Immediately inside, you'll find a rune inside a bloodfly nest.

    Bonecharm 4

    On the left side of the office-like room inside the Recuperation Room, one of the iron lungs creates a tunnel inside. Crawl through to find a bonecharm on the bed.

    Bonecharm 5 and Painting 2: I Regard Her, Within and Without

    Your journey will take you down to Dr. Hypathia in the lab where everything is completely normal. Pick up a corrupt bonecharm and the second painting — "I Regard Her, Within and Without" — in the room to her right.

    Rune 6 and Painting 3

    Before you leave, make sure to head to the basement — accessed by breaking the elevator's cables. There's a room on the left with a rune and the final painting, "Anton Sokalov in Subtractive Light."


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