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Dishonored 2 collectibles level 5: The Royal Conservatory

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Table of contents

  • Rune 1
  • Bonecharm 1
  • Bonecharm 2 and Painting 1: Ashworth Within an Existential Graph
  • Rune 2 and Rune 3
  • Bonecharm 3 and Blueprint 1: Reverberation Tubing
  • Bonecharm 4
  • Blueprint 2: Triggered Housing
  • Rune 4
  • Painting 2: Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison
  • Rune 5
  • Bonecharm 5
  • Bonecharm 6
  • Bonecharm 7
  • Rune 6
  • Bonecharm 8 and Bonecharm 9
  • Painting 3: My Fires Burn within Breanna's Marrow
  • Blueprint 3: Configurable Grooving

  • Walkthrough

    Rune 1

    Follow the heart to the Black Market not too far from where you start the level to the left. You can buy the first rune here. He'll also give you a side mission that will reward you with a blueprint when you return.

    Bonecharm 1

    Just past the wall of light on your right is a closed down bar. The first bonecharm is on the second floor on the table of a poker game gone wrong.

    Bonecharm 2 and Painting 1: Ashworth Within an Existential Graph

    Next door, there is a bloodfly-infested building. Hop across the balconies to find a room to the left with a safe. There's a corrupt bonecharm on the floor. Above the desk, grab the first painting.

    Rune 2 and Rune 3

    Back outside, turn away from the street and head back along the alley toward a blue building. Inside you'll fine runes and an Outsider Shrine. Just watch for boobytraps.

    Bonecharm 3 and Blueprint 1: Reverberation Tubing

    Continue toward the building in the corner where you'll find the Shopkeeper's Associate's room — there's also a bonecharm inside to help guide you there. On the second floor, grab the bonecharm and the Reverberation Tubing blueprint on the desk.

    Bonecharm 4

    From the balcony, head to the catwalk on your right and cross the street. Drop back down to street level and head into the Royal Conservatory. To the left, you'll find the Quartermaster's office. Head up and out the small window to your left. Hang a right and you'll be able to drop into the office. Grab the bonecharm from the case. Grab the Archives key while you're in here, too.

    Blueprint 2: Triggered Housing

    On the right side of the ground floor, there's a room called Exhibition Planning. Inside, you'll find the Triggered Housing blueprints.

    Rune 4

    Head back to the room at the far right corner. There are two women complaining about the bloodflies inside. If you got the Archive key from the Quartermaster's office, use it here. Otherwise, there's a short hallway on the far side of where your heart shows the rune to be. Crouch down and push the bookcase out of the way to enter the room. Smash the case to grab the rune.

    Painting 2: Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison

    Far Reach over the bookcase on either side to find the first painting.

    Rune 5

    The next rune is almost directly above you. Climb back out the high window and into the courtyard with the fish statue. You can use the statue to Far Reach up to the second floor. Head to the right and around the corner until you find an open window. Handle the guards inside. You'll find the next rune in the room to your left.

    Bonecharm 5

    The back staircase is right behind the wall in front of you. Take it up to find another bonecharm in front of a blackboard.

    Bonecharm 6

    Keep to the left — to avoid your confrontation with Ashworth — and head to the far end of the building using the heart to guide you. Far Reach up one floor and crouch through the tunnel you find to discover a black bonecharm.

    Bonecharm 7

    Back out of the tunnel and walk along the ledge to the far end of the courtyard. Go through the open window to discover another black bonecharm in a bathroom-turned-greenhouse.

    Rune 6

    Continue along past the main staircase and outside again to find the final rune. This one is heavily guarded by vines and gravehounds.

    Bonecharm 8 and Bonecharm 9

    The final two bonecharms can be looted from Ashworth. Getting these from her can be tricky, though. If you have chosen to use the Shadow Kill power, these bonecharms will not be lootable and will just disappear with her when she dies. They also cannot be pickpocketed while she is conscious. (We learned all of this the hard way.)

    Painting 3: My Fires Burn within Breanna's Marrow

    The final painting is in the stairwell behind Ashworth's office.

    Blueprint 3: Configurable Grooving

    Head back to the black market to get the final blueprint — and make sure you actually pick it up, don't just assume you automatically get it like we did the first time.


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