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Watch Dogs 2 shows off Ubisoft's next big E3 trailer — or does it?

This might be all part of the ride

There is a nonzero chance this is Ubisoft Montréal fucking around with us within the mischievous world of Watch Dogs 2, which launches on Tuesday. But, let's play along and consider that Marcus Holloway has, in that game's world, uncovered the E3 trailer for Ubisoft's next big franchise in ours.

It's a little heavy-handed in a DON'T LOOK AT THIS BUT WE REALLY WANT YOU TO (and also please talk about it) way, but hey, the trailer looks good. Nice juxtaposition of orbital scenery and folk singing. Toes status = tapping.

So, what is it? Far Cry: Space? (Who knows, they sent the series back to the Mesolithic Period in February). Assassin's Creed: A Space Odyssey? Everyone is blowing up about space westerns, Cowboy Bebop and Firefly. It's taking the publisher's focus on open-world games to new extremes, that's for sure.

It could also be nothing, some developers knee-slapping with wildly divergent themes and how people will flip out when they see it.

I honestly have no idea what this is. I'm not holding an embargoed news release here. It was, allegedly, uncovered during a Twitch stream of the game. Reddit took notice this afternoon. If this actually goes on stage in Los Angeles in June (or, who knows, at The Game Awards?) it’ll be a hellacious callback. Either way, thanks for the smile, Ubisoft.

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