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Conan O’Brien gets to play Final Fantasy 15 early — and loses his cool

"This is a video game written by James Joyce"

Conan O'Brien has played a variety of games for his show's "Clueless Gamer" segment, but rarely has he been so confounded by a title like he is by Final Fantasy 15. O'Brien and this week's partner in gaming, Elijah Wood, take the long-awaited role-playing game for a spin, and the host quickly finds himself in over his head.

It's not that Final Fantasy 15 is difficult, although the pair skip over an early segment that they find too tedious to make it through. It's the game's brand of fantasy lore that has O'Brien up in arms, literally, by the video's end. Although Wood laughs his way through an adventure they describe as anime-style, Middle-earth Entourage, O'Brien's anger only ramps up further throughout the playthrough.

Final Fantasy 15 may have bested the self-proclaimed ignorant player and talk show host, but we've had a vastly different experience thus far. We checked out the first 15 hours last month, which we really enjoyed. Maybe after 10 years of waiting, we're better able to suspend disbelief than the incredulous O'Brien. The game is finally out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Nov. 29.

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