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Westworld creators will focus on the hosts’ builds, their weaknesses in second season

As the hosts learn more about themselves, so will we

Westworld - Maeve sitting in the maintenance bay with two engineers HBO

Last night’s episode of Westworld provided the first big reveal of the season since the show began seven weeks ago, but fans want to know what the next twist will be.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy didn’t address what people could expect to see this season, but did provide a few answers on what will be saved for the second season. Right now, the hosts are becoming more aware of what they are — with Maeve poised to lead the revolution against their human enslavers — and although it seems like war is ready to break out at any moment, Nolan plans to keep that on the back burner for a little longer.

“Their construction and their power source is something we’re really going to get into during season two, “ Nolan said. “So we’d like to keep that mysterious.”

Nolan added that they wanted to spend more time looking at how the hosts are made, because they’re far more biological than they are mechanical at this point, and examine what their main weakness is. Although they share many qualities with the people who created them, their brains are still quite different from human beings, making the process of killing them more difficult.

“On one hand, their cognition is controllable and malleable, but on a structural level they can’t be killed in the same way you and I can,” Nolan said. “There are advantages and disadvantages to being a host. Season two we’ll be exploring more the nuts and bolts of what they are — as the hosts themselves are trying to understand.”

Still, even though the first season won’t answer some of the biggest questions fans may have about the hosts, there are still plenty of questions that need answering. Where — and what — is the Maze? Why is Arnold so important? What are Delores and William doing?

More answers will hopefully be provided over the next three weeks. Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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