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Here’s a wall of NES Classic consoles you can’t buy unless you live in Malaysia

So many nostalgias

Impulse Games NES Classic stock
Impulse Games

It turns out that at least one place isn’t struggling to keep Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console in stock. Unfortunately for most of us, the store is in Malaysia.

Over the weekend, Impulse Gaming posted pictures of its stock of the diminutive retro recreation on Facebook. In one shot, the store created a wall out of what appeared to be more than 100 of the consoles.

As of yesterday, there were still 70 in stock, according to the website. As of this morning, that number had dwindled to a mere 57.

To put that into context, of the two dozen retailers Polygon spoke to around the country last week, the most any single store received was 50. That includes major chains like Target, Best Buy, GameStop and Toys R Us. Some of those locations were in New York City.

A quick check of websites for Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Toys R Us and Walmart, show that all of those online locations remain out of stock of the console.

eBay, however, is swimming in NES Classics, with 5,349 listings as of this morning. The highest currently listed price for the console on the reseller site is $88,888.88 and requires the buyer to go pick the console up from the seller.

It doesn’t appear that Impulse Gaming, which is selling the NES Classic for 329 Ringgit or about $76, will ship the console outside of the country.

We’ve reached out to the retailer for comment and to see what its initial stock shipment was and will update this story when they reply.

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