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Want to fall from great heights safely in Dishonored 2? There’s an upsetting solution

Speedruns of this game are going to be so good

Dishonored 2 - Emily art Arkane Studios/Bethesda via Polygon

Imagine an Assassin’s Creed game in which you could become your own haystack.

Dishonored 2 provides you with many interesting ways to kill people — or to avoid killing people — and doppelganger is one of the more interesting new abilities. Emily can use it to create a perfect copy of herself to distract her enemies, but there is another kind of messed-up use for it that you may find interesting.

Listen, I’m going to be honest with you in my reaction right now: Holy shit. The first Dishonored game allowed you to use combinations of powers in new and interesting ways, and we’re now beginning to see new combinations in action now that the sequel is in the hands of the players.

Speedruns of Dishonored 2 are going to be amazing as more of these tricks and shortcuts are found. You have to be willing to think outside the expected routes to get ahead, and that could sometimes mean creating clones of yourself for some very short-term gains.

You can watch 18 minutes of the game below, if you’re still curious about how it plays, and our initial impressions of Dishonored 2 are also live.

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