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Han Seok-bum

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Your favorite Overwatch heroes are now your favorite Pokémon, too (update)

Two of the biggest series make for a great crossover

Pokémon and Overwatch are different in pretty much every way.

Han Seok-bum, an artist and fan of both franchises, found something in common between the two, however: They each have some memorable characters. He hammers that in with this collection of Pokémon and Overwatch crossovers, reimagining heroes like Soldier: 76 and Mei into classic Pokémon.

His choices, as you'll see below, are pretty inspired. We don't know that we agree with all of them, but for the most part, Han nails the spirit of the Overwatch team with a corresponding Pokémon. It's unlikely that Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment will ever team up to make such a crossover happen for real. Instead, we can only browse these illustrations and hope for a Pokémon hero shooter one day, or perhaps an Overwatch game filled with monster-collecting.

Update: We've added several more Overwatch and Pokémon crossovers from the second part of Han Seok-bum's series. Check out his takes on Sombra, Zarya and more above.

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