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Watch this dude play Overwatch with a microwave oven

Yes, you read that correctly

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Rudeism (aka Dylan), the cheerful Twitch streamer from New Zealand who "plays games wrong," has now configured his microwave oven to play Overwatch. Yes, those words all belong together in the same sentence. There's a subject and a verb and it's grammatically correct, but no, it does not make a lick of sense.

"Is this Microwatch or Overwave?" asks a follower in the chat, and Rudeism notes that that’s a good question to which he does not have the answer. So is "why are you playing Overwatch with a kitchen appliance?" Because it is there, basically.

He gets started playing at the 1:49:28 mark of the embedded video. What precedes that is Rudeism rigging up his microwave for duty.

But it looks like, as he has with a guitar controller in Rocket League, and a dance pad for World of Warcraft, he's able to play a full game of Overwatch. Polygon has reached out to Rudeism to ask if he can nuke a bag of popcorn simultaneously and will update this post with any reply.