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Ubisoft says it will remove Watch Dogs 2’s ‘particularly explicit’ genitalia

Company apologizes for fully rendered vaginas

Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Watch Dogs 2 publisher Ubisoft says it plans to release an update for the open-world game that removes some of the game’s “particularly explicit” full-frontal nudity, after one player found himself banned from the PlayStation Network because he shared a screenshot of it.

In a statement emailed to Polygon, Ubisoft said an upcoming patch for Watch Dogs 2 will address that explicit NPC texture. The company said it’s also working with Sony and Microsoft to ensure that players can share content from the game safely.

"We’re aware that one of the NPC models in Watch Dogs 2 is rendered in a way that is particularly explicit,” Ubisoft said in a statement. “While Watch Dogs 2 is a mature-rated game, we apologize and will update this NPC model to make it more consistent with other NPC models in the game in a patch to be released this week. We also are working with our first-party partners to ensure that players can continue to play and share all content from the game within the bounds of the first parties’ respective codes of conduct.”

Earlier this week, a player in the U.K. with early access to Watch Dogs 2 used the PlayStation 4’s Share feature to tweet out a screenshot — a censored version of which can be seen above — of some unexpected full-frontal nudity. Shortly after, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe suspended that player’s account, saying that he’d posted “content of an adult or sexual nature ... against our Code of Conduct” to the Live from PlayStation feed.

That suspension was originally set to last a week, but today, Sony extended the length of that temporary ban to one month.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment.

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