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Travel the world with Google’s new Google Earth VR program

From San Francisco to Florence

Google announced today that it was bringing its satellite-powered location tracker, Google Earth, to the HTC Vive.

Available through Steam, Google Earth VR lets users visit various landmarks around the world, providing them with a 360-degree, immersive view. According to the company, “you can fly over a city, stand at the edge of a mountain, and even soar into space.”

As of right now, the app is only available to use through the Vive. Google has not said if it plans to make the program accessible through its new, lower-end VR headset, the Daydream. The company recently released its ultra-powerful, VR-capable phone, the Pixel, so there’s a good chance that Google will eventually bring the app to specific phones.

Google isn’t the only company interested in allowing VR users to see world landmarks, however. Microsoft announced in October that it was working on a program called HoloTour that would allow headset wearers to visit different cities around the world through a totally immersive VR experience.

Google Earth VR is available to download right now for free via Steam.

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