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Watch the animated version of Overwatch’s voice actor video from BlizzCon

“Genji got no chill”

Earlier this month, Overwatch voice actor Johnny Cruz, who voices Lúcio in the game, posted a video of the game’s actors chatting to each other while in character at Blizzard Headquarters during BlizzCon. Yesterday, YouTube user Greatdictator posted an animated version of that same video, replacing the actors with their Overwatch characters.

Although the quality of the video is a little rocky at first, it gets better as it goes along. According to the video’s creator, it was a total nightmare to get the animation that he needed, and he apologized for the lower quality visuals at the beginning.

Like the original video — which can be seen here — the animated version features a variety of Overwatch characters, including Torbjörn, Symmetra and the game’s newest hero, Sombra.

Overwatch’s latest update, which adds Sombra to the roster of available heroes, went live earlier this week. Update 1.5 also adds the newest map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, and an Arcade mode that allows players to rotate through a series of game modes, giving them a chance to earn loot and additional experience. The full patch notes can be seen here.

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