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Pokémon fans are freaking out that Mom finally has her own room in Sun and Moon

It’s only taken 20 years!

The Pokémon Company

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are a couple of major changes that longtime fans are freaking out about. None are bringing them as much joy as the revelation that the protagonist’s mom finally has her own private bedroom, after 20 years without one.

Like any Pokémon game, Sun and Moon start off with the hero waking up in their house, ready to start a new day. In previous entries, the house didn’t have much else to explore: There was a single bedroom, a kitchen and ... that was about it. After embarking upon their adventure, the player had few reasons to return home, other than to visit their mother. The game never addressed where she slept, however — but in Pokémon Sun and Moon, players have discovered that Mom finally has her very own room.

Pokémon Moon already has the best starting house in any of the games,” said one Pokémon fan on Twitter after beginning the game and discovering that mom’s got a room to herself. His sentiments were echoed by a number of other players, some who reached out to The Pokémon Company and Nintendo directly to thank them for the addition. One player in particular couldn’t hide their excitement at just how far the games have come in terms of interior design since launching in Japan back in 1996.

The bedroom Mom has is pretty fancy. A screenshot on Twitter shows what this Alola region house looks like, and it’s definitely impressive. Look at the size of the closet to the right! The hardwood floors! And, of course, look at the size of that bed!

The simple update isn’t the only factor regarding the role of mothers in the game that Pokémon Sun and Moon fans will notice much later on — so consider this a spoiler warning.

Although Mom continues to stay at home, hoping her Pokémon trainer child will come visit once in awhile, another mother is an important part of the plot. Lusamine, the head of the curious Aether Foundation research facility, seems to be an adversary at first. Turns out, she’s a pretty complicated woman, one who tries to get the player out of her hair several times.

Part of that is because of her daughter, Lillie, who becomes a close friend to the player as they travel throughout the Alola region. Lillie and Lusamine have a tense relationship that becomes the central focus of conflict in the latter part of the game. The mother-daughter subplot goes to show that Sun and Moon give a lot more screentime to mothers than previous Pokeémon games.

We don’t know what Lusamine’s house or bedroom looks like, but she’s the type of strong-willed woman who probably has a gigantic master bedroom. Either way, we have a feeling that Game Freak, developer of Sun and Moon, made sure that all mothers were accounted for when it comes to their own places to sleep.

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