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Nintendo Black Friday deals 2016: the best prices on 3DS systems and more

’Tis the season for a new handheld

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A New Nintendo 3DS with the Super Smash Bros. game on display. Nintendo

There aren’t a ton of Nintendo Black Friday deals out there quite yet, which frankly surprises us. The Nintendo Switch is on its way, so we’d expect retailers to try to clear their stock out this holiday season. There’s at least one great effort in the mix for seasonal shoppers, and you can find more on that and other discounts in our round-up below.

Nintendo 3DS gets really cheap

The standard Black Friday deal you’ll find this season is on New Nintendo 3DS handhelds. Nintendo has a pair of special edition sets on sale for $99.99, featuring a design that will appeal to Super Mario fans.

New Nintendo 3DS Nintendo of America

The holiday New Nintendo 3DS set will be available in either white or black starting Nov. 25. Whether this extends beyond Black Friday is up in the air, and we’re not sure if the $99.99 3DS is in especially limited stock. We do know that most major retailers will have them on sale, so no need to be choosy about where you shop to get one of these.

The price point is great because the 3DS has such a strong library, but it’s also the cheapest any 3DS model has ever been. (There’s also the $79.99 Nintendo 2DS, which plays the same games but has a slightly limited feature set compared to the mainline Nintendo 3DS system.)

Wii U and 3DS game deals are ... light

There are few good price cuts to speak of for this holiday season. Here’s what we’ve seen thus far that’s worth remembering:

  • Target has several fan favorite 3DS games for $25, like Pokémon X/Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Kirby Planet Robobot. There’s also Super Mario Maker and Pokkén Tournament for $35 on Wii U.
  • Toys R Us has Super Mario Maker and Just Dance 2017 for $20 off. There’s also Minecraft for Wii U marked down by $10. Prices are good from Nov. 24-26. On the 3DS front, we’ll keep an eye out.
  • Walmart has Splatoon on the cheap. The Wii U favorite will be $35 from Nov. 24-25. Just Dance 2017 and Lego Marvel’s Avengers are also discounted at just $25 each.

You can find all of our Black Friday deals here (bookmark that link!) or see below for a real-time stream of the latest deals.

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