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Listen to Westworld’s ‘western’ take on Radiohead, The Cure and others

We have so many questions

Westworld principal photography HBO

Westworld is a television show about a future where people travel to a gamified version of the past in order to forget their troubles, and that’s a bit of a tricky concept to convey musically. The show’s solution is actually pretty neat: the in-universe saloon features songs the audience knows, but that have been arranged for the player piano.

The show’s soundtrack, which features the main theme and four of these arrangements, is available now on iTunes for $4.99, or you can listen to any of the five tracks via Spotify below.

Like almost everything Westworld, this raises more questions than it answers. Do the characters in the show recognize these songs? Is Radiohead considered classical music in whatever time period the show exists within, or is this just background music to them, devoid of meaning?

The music is one of the more striking aspects of the show — whether you find it fascinating or distracting — and you can now listen whenever you’d like.

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