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See the newest Star Wars: Rogue One TV trailer here

What choice do we have?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is less than a month from its premiere so, there’s not much left for teaser trailers to give up. Still, there’s a new one out today that tries to solidify the desperation of the plot to steal the Death Star’s blueprints.

Spoiler alert: The Death Star’s plans are ultimately stolen and the Battle of Yavin is won decisively by the Rebel Alliance when Luke Skywalker torpedoes an otherwise innocuous exhaust port on the Death Star. Also, Darth Vader is his daddy.

Being serious, Rogue One has an appeal to multiple generations of Star Wars fans as a canonical run-up to the series’ most consequential event: The destruction of the Death Star. There always was a seductive mystery about the events preceding A New Hope, and the prequel trilogy ends with the birth of Luke and Leia and the skeletal beginnings of the Empire’s first battle station. So there is plenty of ground to cover in Rogue One.

That said, don’t you ungrateful little shits ever forget that many Bothans died to bring down the second Death Star, and I doubt they are getting a movie. The next one scheduled is Episode VIII, followed by a Han Solo joint starring Daenerys Targaryen.

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