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Pokémon Sun and Moon let you high-five your precious baby Pokémon

This is painfully cute

The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon include several adorable new monsters, from the starters to the Pikachu-miming, sad baby ghost Mimikyu. But as players have discovered since last Friday’s launch, the games go even further with the cuteness by introducing a sweet and simple high-five mechanic.

The Pokémon Refresh feature encourages trainers and Pokémon to bond through petting, feeding and some casual play. That includes the exceedingly adorable high-five, which is triggered with a player taps the screen with their stylus right above a willing Pokémon’s head.

Based on tweets and personal experience, this works best with the monsters that more closely resemble animals. We’re not sure that Garbador, for example, wants to reach up that high for some skin. But Litten, Growlithe, Meowth and other bi- and quadripedal Poké-pets are never happier than when high-fiving their trainers.

Social media users are understandably overjoyed about this finding:

Pokémon fans will recall that Pokémon Amie, a similar feature to Pokémon Refresh included in X and Y, also encouraged trainer-monster interaction. High-fives were possible in that feature too, but with Refresh’s added benefits — like using grooming tools to eliminate status effects — Sun and Moon’s take on the mode seems to be the definitive one.

Sun and Moon improve upon classic Pokémon gameplay in a lot of other convenient ways, as we noted in our review. They’re out now on Nintendo 3DS, so it’s time to get high-fiving.

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