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Prepare for Final Fantasy 15 leaks, director warns

The game’s already on shelves, much to the team’s chagrin

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 15 today, with just eight days to go until the game’s official release on Nov. 29. Alongside the video, which takes fans through “everything [they] need to know about Final Fantasy 15,” director Hajime Tabata detailed the free day-one patch that will arrive on launch day — as well as forewarned players of early copies already making the rounds.

“Unfortunately, there has been an unauthorized distribution of the boxed edition of [Final Fantasy 15] in select regions and we have noticed that gameplay footage from people playing these copies has appeared online,” Tabata said in a press release. “Though this type of situation is brought on by various region specific circumstances and may not be something that is completely avoidable, we are very regretful of this situation.”

Because of the retailer leaks, Tabata said that fans may find themselves coming across gameplay footage from later parts of the game. Although he asked players who already have Final Fantasy 15 in-hand to be respectful of those waiting until Nov. 29, the director acknowledged that spoilers will begin to appear soon, and in great quantities.

That’s disappointing, considering how many years Final Fantasy fans have waited to play the fifteenth entry.

“A large and dedicated team have worked extremely hard to make this game and to create a Final Fantasy that everyone can enjoy,” he said. “It would be a huge regret for us if the excitement of the launch was to be spoiled for so many when we are so close to release.”

Another thing to deter potential early buyers is that the “Crown Update,” a patch that will add a ton of content at launch, is not yet live. Improvements in the free download include those to the camera, an item that allows you to summon beasts to fight, social media support for Prompto’s photo collection, additional recipes and more cutscenes.

The cutscenes are culled from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 and the recently released “Omen” short film. Square Enix noted that these are meant to make the game’s storyline easier to follow for anyone who didn’t watch the Kingsglaive prequel film.

We played an earlier, non-final build of the game in October, and we loved our 15 hours with the game. Read our pre-review and watch some non-spoiler-y gameplay below.

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