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HTC Vive hardware goes on sale for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

VR just became at least a little more affordable

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Vive review cover image Polygon

The HTC Vive virtual reality platform, which normally sells for $799.99, will see a $100 price cut on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, bringing the total down to $699.99.

“The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be available online and in all retail locations where Vive is sold, including Microsoft Stores,, Gamestop,, Micro-center, and,” the blog post explains. “In addition, for the first time, Vive will be available for sale in 34 Fry’s locations across the U.S and online. To find a location to purchase Vive near you, click here.”

The HTC Vive comes with the virtual reality headset itself, two motion-tracking controllers and two lighthouse sensors that you’ll need to set up in opposite corners of your VR space.

Vive retail Valve/HTC

There will also be a variety of sales and bundles on software sold via Viveport — HTC’s software store for the Vive — on those days as well. Virtual reality software often goes on sale, just like most forms of software, but this is the first time the HTC Vive platform itself has been reduced in price by such a large amount.

You can read our review of the hardware if you’d like to know more, or watch our video review below.

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