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eBay guarantees huge profits if you auction your NES Classic

There are a few catches, of course

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NES Classic box Samit Sarkar / Polygon

The NES Classic Edition is proving to be a popular item on the auction site eBay, with the company claiming that it sold a unit every 18 seconds on launch day. Demand is so high that the company is guaranteeing sellers a rather large return on their investment.

We were sent the following image to our tip line over the weekend:


It seems that eBay offers this sort of guarantee when the company is reasonably sure there is a demand for the item being sold, and the difference is paid out in an eBay coupon, not cash.

You can read the details of the offer, as well as the fine print, on eBay’s page:

When your item qualifies for a price guarantee, you’ll lock in a guaranteed selling price value for your item when you follow our listing recommendation. This listing recommendation is based on the performance of similar items to yours that recently sold on eBay.

As long as you list with our recommendation, eBay promises that you will earn the guaranteed selling price if your item sells. If your item sells for less than the guaranteed selling price value, eBay will pay you the rest with an eBay coupon.

We set up a new eBay account to test the offer, and the guaranteed selling price for the NES Classic Edition as of the publication of this article is $193.00

Our guaranteed price
eBay via Polygon

We did not list an item, nor take advantage of the guaranteed price. We left the listing process once we hit this screen and had verified the price guarantee.

Curious about how Nintendo could fight back against people scalping their NES Classic Editions? We have some thoughts.

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