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The pros (and cons) of killing bugs with a salt gun

When you first hear about Bug-A-Salt, the plastic gun that fires a concentrated blast of salt to quickly dispatch household pests, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the genius of it. It’s convenient, humane, and fun — what could go wrong?

This week’s CoolGames Inc animation from Clayton Ashley brings to life the tale of one such moment — and what happens when bringing a gun to a bug fight reaches its horrifying logical conclusion.

Want to listen to the full episode? Check out the full-length podcast below, and remember to subscribe to CoolGames Inc on iTunes or via RSS for future episodes!

For more CoolGames Inc animations, check out our full playlist on YouTube, starting with last week’s episode about explaining Tumblr to one’s father:

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share this amazing creation: a fan-made animation of of the intro to episode 32, created by YouTuber Alan Vanwormer: