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Skyrim, Fallout director Todd Howard heaps praise on the Nintendo Switch

“One of the best demos I've ever seen”

Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda is being cagey about which games it will be bringing to the Nintendo Switch — even though Skyrim was shown in Nintendo’s official trailer for the device — but Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda, was enthusiastic about the product during a recent interview with Glixel.

“I love it. I got to play it. I will tell you — well, maybe that's an [non-disclosure agreement] thing,” Howard said. “One of the best demos I've ever seen. Probably the best demo I've ever seen. At E3.”

When pressed for details, he stated that the demo of the hardware, not any particular game, was what impressed him so strongly.

“I think it's really smart what they're doing,” he continued. “We're definitely going to be supporting it. It's the first time we've done something on Nintendo. If you don't count the old NES stuff. Home Alone. Or Where's Waldo?”

Ah yes, who could forget Where’s Waldo, the classic Bethesda release for the NES?

So even though Bethesda won’t confirm that Skyrim is coming to the Switch, saying that they “are not confirming any specific titles at this time,” when asked for comment on the game’s inclusion in Nintendo’s marketing materials, it sounds like Todd Howard is already sold on the device.

“It's the same game on the TV and on the other screen,” he stated when asked if it would really be possible to bring Skyrim with you “on the go.”

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