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Carrie Fisher goes on Colbert to spill even darker secrets about Star Wars

Han’s still a scoundrel

This past week has been somewhat difficult for me to process because I have always sentimentally viewed Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia — as a mother figure. My mom had me young in her life and many facets of her take-no-shit, give-me-a-direct-answer-now personality are reflected in Leia's on-screen presence. (Let me tell you, as a nine-year-old, Return of the Jedi was extraordinarily awkward, in the most Freudian way possible.)

Anyway, Fisher has published her eighth book — The Princess Diarist, which comprises a series of recollections of her time portraying Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. In it she reveals an affair with Harrison Ford — Han Solo — while the two were filming the first Star Wars movie in 1976. She was 19 at the time; Ford, 34.

Last night Fisher visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where the two revealed many things more shocking than the fact Leia and Han had a thing going on. The video is above.


Mrs. Leia (as kids my age used to call her on the playground back in the early 1980s), we hope Han was a fun time. It's just sort of disorienting that we have to officially call him dad now.

(And, btw, I loved Postcards from the Edge. I saw it on a cruise ship my senior year of high school. I may have later told my prom date she smelled like Catalina. "Oh, that’s — wait a minute, like the salad dressing?!" No! I mean, Dennis Quaid said that line to Meryl Streep, real cool-like and — oh, the hell with it. May the Force be With You.)

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