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Ditto is now available in Pokémon Go (update)

Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend

Ditto in Pokemon anime 4Kids Entertainment

The last non-legendary Pokémon from the original 151 to make an appearance in Pokémon Go, Ditto, has finally been included in the game.

Ditto, which has the ability to take on the form and abilities of the other Pokémon it’s facing in battle, is finally available for players to catch. Players have started reporting that they noticed Ditto after catching normal, low-level Pokémon like Zubat, Pidgey and Rattata. Upon being caught, the Pokémon transformed into Ditto.

From photos that players have been posting, it appears that the Dittos being caught retain pretty high CP. The Pokémon is available to catch in every region, based on reports, with players from Sweden, Australia and the United States posting images of the Dittos they’ve caught.

Pokemon Go - Ditto screencap Niantic Labs via S4mble/Reddit

Earlier this month, data miners at the The Silph Road noticed that a new move, Transform, had been added to the game. Transform is the main move associated with Ditto, giving the Pokémon its ability to morph into another Pokémon during battle.

Polygon has reached out to Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs for more information about the inclusion of Ditto in the game, and will update the story as it progresses.

Update: Niantic confirmed that as of today, Nov. 23, Ditto is available to discover and catch in Pokémon Go. The company confirmed that Ditto will only reveal itself after it’s caught, meaning that players will have to catch an assortment of other Pokémon to get their hands on the recent addition.

When training or battling at a gym, Ditto will take on the appearance and ability of the first Pokémon it encounters and will remain as that Pokémon for the remainder of those specific gym battles.