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The Amnesia Collection is here, so let's figure out if it's scary or not

And more questions from the depths of Google

This week the Amnesia Collection was released for the PlayStation 4, featuring Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, as well as Dark Descent's Justine DLC.

Here at SEO Play, we take such things very seriously, so we immediately turned to Google to find out what people were asking about. You might remember Amnesia as "the reason why YouTubers scream so much." It was originally released in 2010, a year which feels like it was ten years ago, but actually was only six. That's some math for you!

We learned also that it's hard to Google the Amnesia franchise, because there is a medical condition called "amnesia!" The main symptom is, "a partial or total loss of memory." These are just some of the fun facts that come up when you use the internet for research.

SEO Play is a show we do every week, where a popular game comes out and we use Google's autocomplete feature to find questions about it. You can watch more episodes of the show on our YouTube channel or in the playlist linked below.

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