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Enjoy these Polygon shows and podcasts over the holiday weekend

Skip the holiday movies and music and enjoy these shows and podcasts instead

Planning for the holidays is never easy.

Between cooking, cleaning and family duties, making sure everything is taken care of can be rough. Entertainment during the holidays is forever an issue. Instead of bringing over your favorite Blu-rays to your parents’ house or downloading podcasts for your trip back home, why not watch some of your favorite Polygon shows with your family or listen to these podcasts while you travel?

Regardless of what you want to enjoy, there is a Polygon show worth putting on this holiday season. We've organized them here as playlists and links, Enjoy!


If you know anything about Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson, you know they love testing the limits of their favorite games. The thing is, Nick has never played Skyrim and Griffin has devised the perfect plan to make him fall in love with the game: Progressively add whacky mods to Skyrim until either Nick admits to liking the game or until they render the game unplayable. This is our newest series but it’s already taking on a life of its own.


There is so much going on in the world of comics, it’s hard to make sense of it all. Never fear, Susana Polo is here and in this series, she’ll help navigate you through the weird and wonderful world of comics. There’s no question that the Marvel and DC cinematic universes are getting more folks into comics, but for those who are getting lost in the deep end, they can use this new show to keep them afloat.


Whenever a new game is about to launch, the internet explodes with questions. Simone de Rochefort is there to answer the world’s queries armed with Google, a smoking jacket and her ever-evolving collection of fancy drinks. In each episode, Simone answers the most popular search results for the hottest games... although each episode may leave you with more questions than answers.


In CoolGames Inc podcast, Griffin and Nick take suggestions from fans each week and try to come up with full-fledged video game concepts. Their conversations are wild, colorful and in some cases, their jokes inspire some hilarious visuals. Our animated shorts bring some of the most beloved clips to life thanks to our very own Clayton Ashley and some of our fans. These videos breathe new life into past segments and often times, push the comedy even further.


In each episode of the Quality Contol podcast, a Polygon editor speaks to a critic after they’ve reviewed a game, a piece of gear, or film to gain further insight on their experience. The conversations dive deeper into the reviews and bring to light many thoughts and feelings that didn’t make it into the final published piece. There are nearly 100 episodes to explore and you can find links to all our reviews in each Quality Control episode here.


In this series, Griffin McElroy takes on one of Pokémon’s hardest challenges, the Nuzlocke run. In the world of Pokémon, those who want to challenge themselves can play with Nuzlocke rules, which are basically self-imposed constraints that make the game far more challenging by including such things as getting rid of Pokémon if they faint and restricting how and when you can catch new monsters. This series tests Griffin’s fortitude and the bond a trainer and a Pokémon share. How far can Griffin go?


Everyone can agree that cars are cool. How about cars that crash in slow motion? Also very cool. What about putting those two things together and adding Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy to the mix? And what if I told you we also added a sentient and possibly malevolent crash test dummy into this witch’s brew? If that excites you, then you’ll love Car Boys, an experimental show that pushes Beam NG.Drive and Nick and Griffin to max. Each episode features an exploration of what this "soft body simulator" can do when put in the hands of some "soft boys." Car Boys tests the limits of physics, vehicular decency and friendship.


Monster Factory is one of our longest running shows. Watch as Justin and Griffin McElroy take some of the world’s most beloved games and totally goof them up in the most spectacular ways. The brothers push character creators to their darkest limits, creating truly grotesque and memorable monsters. Characters range from the lovable Mayor of Second Life to the world-ending Final Pam who stalks the wastelands of Fallout 4.


No one takes reviewing Nintendo’s amiibos more seriously than Griffin McElroy. He loves amiibos, the delightful new toys that blend both game and toy alike. In this series, Griffin will go to any length to make sure his reviews are as in-depth as possible, even breaking into a different realm of existence to give you the most honest review he can.


In this series, Phil Kollar and Griffin McElroy explore every facet of Hearthstone, from its weekly Tavern Brawls to exploring the game’s ever growing collection of single player adventures. Whether you love watching two friends duke it out or witnessing them go through the trials of a new Adventure, #StonerzNation has something for all Hearthstone fans.

If you’re looking for the rest of our videos, which includes links to all this shows and our gameplay overviews, check out the Polygon YouTube channel for more.


In Devs Make Mario, Nick Robinson takes the robust level making tools of Super Mario Maker and puts them in the hands of some of the world’s most renowned game designers. Follow Nick as he puts the game in front of the designers for the first time and explores how they take their unique game design perspectives and create unique, wild and mind-blowing levels.

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.