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Cards Against Humanity is making thousands of dollars digging a ‘Holiday Hole’ in the ground (update)

It’s caught the ire of some people

Cards Against Humanity is known for its over-the-top, ridiculous stunts, but the newest one may just take the cake.

The company is digging a “Holiday Hole” and asking people to donate to its “cause.” Cards Against Humanity has no intention to do anything with the hole once it has been dug up and, according to an FAQ section on the company’s website, doesn’t have any plans to do anything with the money once it’s raised.

One of the questions asked is why the company doesn't give the money to charity, to which the it responded by asking “Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.” At the time of this writing, Cards Against Humanity had raised close to $30,000 in donations to the digging of a hole.

Even though Cards Against Humanity explicitly stated that it wasn’t going to donate the money raised to charity, the company has a history of raising money for charitable purposes. Last Black Friday, the company asked people to donate $5 for absolutely no reason, and it ended up raising over $70,000 in the process. The money was divided among team members who donated the majority of it to different charities they felt passionate about across the United States.

That seems to be what’s happening here, but there are people on Twitter who are concerned about the company’s latest campaign. Some have suggested that if people have money to give to Cards Against Humanity for digging a hole, they should consider donating those funds to other charities that could use it instead.

Again, it seems pretty unlikely that the Cards Against Humanity team isn’t going to donate this money to charity, or a variety of charities, but as of right now it hasn’t said what it plans to do with the amount of money it’s raised.

The entire hole digging process is being livestreamed and can be seen on here. If people stop donating, they’ll stop digging.

Update: The tweets that appeared earlier in this story have since been removed.

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