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Overwatch fan has a pretty good theory about Pharah’s parentage

It sorta makes sense, right?

Blizzard Entertainment

So, let's begin by saying this is entirely speculative. Which is the sort of thing Overwatch fans are good at, and the sort of thing the writers at Blizzard definitely want to nurture.

That said, there's a theory making the rounds on Reddit regarding the parentage of Pharah. It's plausible enough — or at least not dumb enough — to have some currency with the community.

It goes like this: Heroes in Overwatch have four rare skins, all of which are based on a theme. Zenyatta's are elemental, for example. D.Va’s are fruit flavors.

Then there's Ana and Reinhardt's rare skins. Ana's are jewel-themed, and Reinhardt’s are metallic. Those two flirt with each other in the dialogue.

So? So there is only one character who has two different themes in her rare skins set: Pharah. Two are jewels, and two are metals.

Hm. Hmmmmm.

"Ana and Reinhardt [crude term for making a baby], had a baby, and she inherited half of their skins, each," theorizes Decibelle. Hell, I can't knock it down. Sounds good to me.

Man, I haven't been this gobsmacked since that whole Pyro-Spy-Scout revelation. Which, again, is probably something Blizzard wants for its game, too.

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