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Overwatch’s newest premium collectible is a badass Reaper statue


Blizzard has an all-new Overwatch collectible — a 12-inch statue of Reaper — which may interest you, unless you dislike cool things.

Can't have it now, though, which may be helpful to your wallet as $150 is a hell of an impulse buy. Two waves of Reaper statues will ship, the first by the end of March, the second by the end of September 2017.

The figure was sculpted by Blizzard senior sculptor Brian Fay and shows Reaper in his ultimate ability, Death Blossom, which means his wingspan is as impressive as his height. The statue is made of polystone and each one is hand painted. Limit two per customer, in case you have $300 of disposable income.

Reaper joins the first premium statue in the Overwatch collection, Tracer (of course), who quickly sold out her first production run. Fay sculpted Tracer as well.

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