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Ever type in bad words to see if they worked as passcodes? Here are the worst.

I’m not sure I’ve ever said these combinations aloud

Here's a video by YouTuber Larry Bundy Jr. that begins rather typically: It's a top-five list that takes 14 minutes to explain. Seriously, start from the beginning and hang with it, because if you're listening intently and drumming your fingers waiting for the point of it all, there's a great punchline at 2:13 of the video.

(Needless to say, this contains some NSFW language.)

I just love the way Larry says it so factually. Also, "if this is the last-place position, you can tell we are in for a much more shocking ride."

So what's the deal here? Seems that in the 1980s-1990s era of games with passcodes, people just threw all kinds of random vulgarities into the passcode system to see if they would do anything. Lo and behold, some did. No. 5 grants 68 balls and 497,438,600 points in the 1990 pinball game Devil's Crush, for example.

But it absolutely raises the question of where in the world someone got the idea to do these combinations of words. And why. Nos. 4 and 3 contain slurs (well, over in the U.K., 3 is a word often used to describe a disagreeable person. Yes, it's that word. OK, you got it.) No. 2, for Metal Gear, absolutely blows my mind.

Viewer protip, he takes a long and circuitous route to get to the No. 1, which is for Metroid, and explain why. But if you have 14 minutes to kill and no one around to offend, there are worse things you could watch on YouTube.

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