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No Man’s Sky update files could be hinting at ground vehicles to come

Player finds a buggy hidden in plain sight

Hello Games

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games teased that Sunday’s massive 1.1 update was just the start of more to come to the game, and one player has unearthed what could be arriving next. Reddit user eegandj has discovered textures and a model for a possible space buggy, which could shake up travel in the intergalactic adventure.

After the Foundation Update hit PlayStation 4 and Windows PC Sunday morning, players began to excavate No Man’s Sky’s files to see what the new version could portend for the game’s future. As eegandj detailed in a pair of Reddit threads, hidden away inside the update is a folder labeled “BUGGY” — as in a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle, perfect for traipsing through the game’s many planets.

At first, eegandj only found textures for tire tracks, which supported the idea that this was a new land vehicle. He later found textures matching those included in-game, as well as some that clearly depicted a possible ground vehicle in that same folder. After that, the player discovered an actual, partial 3D model matching the buggy textures, which he imported into the full game.

The video above shows the model and textures, which eegandj was able to import into the game. The “land vehicle test” is available to download as a PC mod for other interested players as well.

Although there are textures tucked inside the game’s file folders, it’s unclear whether the buggy is making it into No Man’s Sky any time soon. Hello Games spent more than two months working on version 1.1, which introduces base-building, cargo freighters, new difficulty settings and other tweaks. Although the developer said there were more content updates where that came from, time will tell how long it takes until we see the game’s next set of features.