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Soda-makers bring Final Fantasy-themed concoction to Target shelves

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‘Wiz’s Energizing Elixir’ celebrates an in-game location

Jones Soda Co.

The long-awaited launch of Final Fantasy 15 has reunited the Jones Soda makers with the gaming community again. "Wiz's Energizing Elixir" (label above) will go on sale tomorrow at participating Target stores.

The drink is based on Wiz Chocobo Post, a location within Final Fantasy 15, and is a fizzy orange-and-cream soda. Anyone who shows a proof of purchase of the game at a Target can get a free bottle, according to a news release.

Otherwise, it's $2.99 a bottle. Fallout fans may remember that Jones and Bethesda teamed up to deliver Nuka-Cola last fall, and it sold right the hell out, necessitating a second shipment the following December.

As for Final Fantasy 15, it's pretty dang good. Here's our review.