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Nintendo teases attractions for theme park expansion in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood

Still no estimate on when you can visit

Nintendo has released a brief teaser for what fans should expect out of its theme park expansion with Universal in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood.

The company published a video today, which features creative director Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal creative Mark Woodbury, that goes over the vision both companies have for the expansion. According to a press release from Nintendo, the parks will be “expansive, immersive and interactive.” Each theme park’s Nintendo world will be slightly different from the others, but all will include the company’s iconic characters, villains and gameplay.

The new themed areas are a result of a global partnership between Universal and Nintendo. The partnership was announced last May, and since then, Nintendo executives have brought it up at various shareholder meetings. This is the first time that the two companies have shared what their vision for the various worlds will look like.

Nintendo has also confirmed that the next major announcement will arrive soon, but each individual park will also be releasing more information about what their world will look like as details become available.

Neither Nintendo or Universal have given an estimated date for when the expansions will be available to visit at this time.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Director and Creative Fellow of Nintendo, discusses attraction features with Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative.
Universal Studios

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