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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s first global mission dares players to catch 100 million Pokémon

To catch 100 million of them is my real test, for Festival Coins is my cause

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Nintendo/Game Freak

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s debut massively multiplayer online event is now live, and it has one heck of an ask. Between now and Dec. 13, players worldwide are challenged to collect a total of 100 million Pokémon in order to win a nice prize.

That prize is not the title of World’s Best Trainer, but instead 1,000 Festival Coins per participant. These can be used to buy items and facilities in the Festival Plaza, which is Sun and Moon’s online multiplayer hub.

Anyone can take part in the global mission, and it’s good to highlight that all players must catch 100 million monsters in total, not individually. To register their contributions, players must log into the Game Sync function any time before Dec. 13.

If Pokémon Sun and Moon’s millions-deep player base fails to meet the 100 million mark, there’s still a consolation prize. Every trainer is guaranteed 100 Festival Coins just for showing up.

This event is the first of what The Pokémon Company has promised will be many large-scale online competitions. Although they’re available to all trainers to check out, no matter how far along they are, global missions and other Festival Plaza content are especially welcome by those who have made it to the post-game and may need some new competitive incentives to keep them going.

If you have yet to join the legions of Pokémon trainers already in the game, check out our review before picking up Sun, Moon or both.