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How do you unlock Final Fantasy 15’s flying car, the Regalia Type-F?

Learn how to fly the friendly skies of Lucis

This screenshot shows off the Regalia Type-F, the flying car from Final Fantasy 15, as it soars high above the ground in an area filled with trees and buildings below. Mountains rise in the distance and a strange red light can be seen shooting into the ai Square Enix

This past summer, Square Enix surprised fans with a revelation about the Regalia, the slick car that Final Fantasy 15’s band of heroes use to traverse the countryside. The company revealed in a trailer that the car wouldn’t just stick to the road; it can also take off and soar through the air.

Now that the game is out and players are finally jumping in after a 10-year wait, you may be wondering how to unlock the flight capabilities of the Regalia. As it turns out, this special ability isn’t available until you’re deep into the game, but we’ve got the method figured out for you.

So step one: Complete the game. Yep, that’s right. You cannot actually access the Regalia Type-F until you’ve seen credits roll. Don’t worry, though; between your trusty, regular ground-based vehicle and a healthy dose of fast travel, you should be able to get through Final Fantasy 15 smoothly.

Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be asked to make a post-game save. Load that save up, go to a rest area and call Umbra in order to teleport back to Lucis. Your next step is to track down the parts you need for the Regalia Type-F. One part is rewarded for taking down each of three major Niflheim military bases. They are:

  • Fermouth Garrison - located in northern Leide, near the Prairie Outpost
  • Aracheole Stronghold - southeast of Lestallum and northwest of the Disc
  • Fort Vaullerey - southwest of the Old Lestallum outpost

In all likelihood, you will complete the bottom two of these bases during the main story. As far as we could tell, though, Fermouth Garrison doesn’t open up until post-game, so just load that save and drive over there to kill some Imperial soldiers and collect your last car part.

Once you have all three parts, you’ll receive a quest titled “Into Unknown Frontiers,” asking you to speak with Cindy. Drive over to Hammerhead and show her your new parts, at which point she’ll install them into the Regalia, finally giving you the Type-F upgrade and the ability to fly.

Before you try zooming off around the world, there’s a few things to know. First off, the Regalia Type-F is limited to operating in the land of Lucis itself. Given that the rest of the game is much more linear and doesn’t allow open-world exploration, this makes sense, but sorry to disappoint if you were hoping to travel to unseen lands.

That’s not to say the Regalia Type-F is a complete waste, however. There are certain areas that you couldn’t access with the regular Regalia that are now reachable. In particular there’s at least one hidden dungeon found by this Reddit user. It’s a long and really cool dungeon that is very worth experiencing.

Beyond that, the Regalia Type-F does allow you to take the vehicle off the roads you’ve been stuck on for most of the game and enjoy seeing the world from a stunning new vantage point. It’s not exactly game-changing, but it’s a fun little reward once you’ve completed the story. Enjoy it!

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