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Titanfall 2 has a secret no one has found and Respawn is trying to change that

New patch adds a lot, including a better chance to see ‘Nessie’

Titanfall 2 Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment is rolling out a new update for the shooter today in order to prep the game for its first DLC drop, Angel City’s Most Wanted. Included in the update are a host of new features and bug fixes on console and PC, but more intriguing is a hint about a still undiscovered Easter egg that Respawn apparently wants people to find.

According to Respawn’s patch notes, Titanfall 2 players are getting a new field of view slider, so players can boost their FOV up to 110 degrees. There’s also a new film grain slider, if you prefer your shooters to look grain-free.

Respawn is also adding something else: a better chance to see something that apparently no Titanfall 2 player has seen since the game launched in October. From today’s patch notes:

Increased likelihood of finding Nessie easter egg in [redacted] mission that no one has found yet. Or did we?

The original Titanfall had a little Nessie (aka the Loch Ness Monster) doll hidden in (at least) one of its multiplayer maps. And Titanfall 2 players have already discovered Nessie in the game’s pilot training mission as far back at the game’s alpha tech test. We’re not sure what’s still left to be discovered, but apparently Respawn is itching for someone to spot Nessie elsewhere.

Titanfall 2’s new patch also gives players more refined control options. Players will have the ability to adjust controller sensitivity specifically when aiming down sights, separately from their standard sensitivity setting, and a whole host of other advanced look control options. The options are extensive:

Rayme Vinson/Respawn Entertainment

There’s more. Respawn has added a new menu option to view players’ multiplayer stats, which they say they’ve been tracking since day one. There’s also a new FAQ in multiplayer lobbies to address players’ basic questions bout online play.

Respawn has also changed the way it refers to Titanfall 2’s highest graphics settings on PC:

PC Only - Removed "Insane" texture quality and replaced with "Max". No reduction in visual quality for those with enough VRAM, but will reduce hitches when streaming in textures.

Additionally, there are dozens of bug fixes, balance changes to weapons and other new features, like the in-game store.

Players who haven’t had the chance to play Titanfall 2 yet and want to check out the latest updates to the game can do so for free this week. Titanfall 2’s free multiplayer trial kicks off Nov. 30 for some players, Dec. 2 for everyone.

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