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Netflix releases first look at Count Olaf in new Series of Unfortunate Events trailer

The Baudelaire orphans haven’t the faintest idea

Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events got its first trailer earlier this month, a key figure from the children’s series was missing: Count Olaf.

In the new trailer, the Baudelaire orphans arrive on the creepy doorstep of Count Olaf’s home. They’re immediately aware that something isn’t right with their new guardian and quickly start researching who he is and why he’s so interested in them. A Series of Unfortunate Events fans will be happy to see certain aspects of the show appear in the trailer, including a reference to Count Olaf’s tattoo that sits above his ankle.

Played by Neil Patrick Harris, Count Olaf is the main antagonist in the series and the first "guardian" that the Baudelaire orphans are sent to live with after the death of their parents. Olaf quickly proves that he doesn’t care much about what happens to the children as long as he can get his hands on the massive fortune their parents left behind. When he’s removed as their guardian, he spends the next part of his life — and theirs — trying to get his hands on them so he can claim the cash.

The character has been played by Jim Carrey previously in the 2004 feature-film adaptation. The movie also stared Jude Law, Emily Browning and Timothy Spall, and combined the first three novels in the series.

A Series of Unfortunate Events will premiere in full on Netflix Jan. 13, 2017.

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