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Overwatch’s Sombra reveal trailer debuts at BlizzCon


To no one’s surprise, Sombra is Overwatch’s newest playable character, Blizzard Entertainment announced during the opening ceremonies of BlizzCon 2016. The Mexican spy will finally, finally join the roster, and she's playable on the Public Test Realm next week.

An animated trailer marked her entrance into the game — which debuted after Sombra hacked into a video meant to recap Overwatch’s launch in May. Watch above as Sombra, joined by Widowmaker and Reaper, infiltrates an enemy base. Based on what we see in the video, Sombra can do more than just hack into security systems and enemies: She's a teleporter, too, and has invisibility powers.

Windows PC players will get to test out Sombra, as well as other new Overwatch modes and a new map, as part of an update to the PTR next week. She's also playable on the floor at BlizzCon this weekend, for those lucky enough to be in attendance.

Her addition to Overwatch's cast of heroes has been a long time coming. A complex alternate reality game that unraveled her backstory and introduced her into the world of Overwatch has played out over the course of four months. There were several times when it seemed like Blizzard was on the verge of announcing Sombra, once and for all, only to add more depth to the mystery behind the character.

Most recently, artwork and screenshots of the character leaked online through various channels, further convincing fans that Sombra was arriving soon. Now that she’s here — almost — Overwatch’s most dedicated detectives can hopefully rest easy.