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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is Hearthstone's next expansion

Introducing three shady factions and new tri-class cards

During today's opening ceremonies for BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard revealed the next expansion for its digital card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Titled Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, it will be the fourth full-size expansion to the game and the third Hearthstone add-on released this year, following Whispers of the Old Gods and the One Night in Karazhan adventure set.

The new expansion is themed after the city of Gadgetzan, a desert outpost from World of Warcraft that has exploded as a center of trade. Cards from the new set will explore the underbelly of Gadgetzan.

Three major crime families are at the heart of crime in Gadgetzan. The Grimy Goons faction features a new hunter weapon called the Piranha Launcher that summons a 1/1 Piranha whenever your hero attacks.

The Jade Lotus is a more shadowy syndicate. They include the Lotus Assassin card, a rogue minion with stealth that regains its stealth whenever it kills an enemy.

Finally, the Kabal faction focuses on spellcasters who brew potions. One of their minions is the Kabal Talonpriest, a priest card with a battlecry that gives a minion three extra health.

The expansion will also introduce tri-class cards. The Kabal will have mage, priest and warlock cards that can be played in any one of those decks. The Kabal Courier is an example. It's a three-cost card with a Battlecry that will let you discover a mage, priest or warlock card.

Blizzard plans to reveal more cards later today. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will go live in early December.

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