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Playing Heroes of the Storm gets Overwatch fans a special skin

Brush up on those MOBA skills, Genji fans

A special skin for Overwatch hero Genji is coming — if you play Heroes of the Storm too, Blizzard Entertainment announced during BlizzCon 2016’s opening ceremonies Friday. Playing the MOBA will unlock both the new skin for Overwatch, as well as a playable Overwatch character for Heroes of the Storm.

After 15 games of Heroes of the Storm, players will unlock the Oni Genji skin to use in Overwatch, which transforms the character into the ninja with a demon mask. They’ll also get access to Zarya, one of several Overwatch heroes available in Heroes of the Storm. Genji himself remains absent from Heroes of the Storm in the meantime.

Blizzard added Zarya to its franchise-spanning MOBA back in August. Tracer, the game’s unofficial mascot, was the first Overwatch hero to make it into Heroes of the Storm; she arrived in April, ahead of Overwatch’s May launch.

Heroes of the Storm is also getting two more playable characters from World of Warcraft as part of a new content update, which Blizzard also showed off on-stage during BlizzCon. Ragnaros and Varian Wrynn are available for testing next week, before their full debuts in December. Check out some of the other new features — and Oni Genji — in the trailer above.

Update: Heroes of the Storm's Nexus Challenge kicks off this week and will be available, depending on region, between Nov. 15 and Jan. 4. The game will be in maintenance from 6 a.m. PT to 10 a.m. PT on Nov. 15, so expect the latest updates to be playable after that.

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