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Try Overwatch’s new Arcade mode and map next week

Look out for a meaty PTR update

Overwatch Eco Point map Blizzcon

Overwatch will receive an Arcade mode, which will be playable on the Public Test Realm next week, Blizzard Entertainment announced during the opening ceremonies of BlizzCon 2016. It will be joined by Sombra, the game’s long-awaited new character, as well as a new map: Eco Point, which is based on the character Mei.

Arcade mode includes both one-versus-one and three-versus-three play, Blizzard announced. It will feature “a variety of regularly rotating alternate game modes,” unique rulesets, and chances to earn extra experience and loot. It’s the first new mode to come to the game since the introduction of Competitive Play in June.

Players will be able to test out the feature on PC before it launches across other platforms at a later date. The same is true of the wintery Eco Point map, which allows for both one-on-one duels and three-on-three fights.

Eco Point is one of two new battlegrounds that the company revealed during BlizzCon. The other is Oasis, a desert-themed Control-style map that will come to the game in December.

Expect to find Arcade, Eco Point and Sombra on the PTR next Tuesday, when the game typically updates.

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