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New co-op commander, missions announced for StarCraft 2 at BlizzCon 2016

Date for final Nova missions annonced

Blizzard announced a new co-op missions and co-op commander for StarCraft 2 during its keynote presentation at BlizzCon 2016 today.

The new co-op commander will be Alexei Stukov, the vice admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and infested Terran captain. Infested Terrans are a breed of Zerg created when the Zerg infest a Terran with a hyper-evolutionary virus.

The third and final set of Nova missions for StarCraft 2 will be available to play on Nov. 22, Blizzard president Michael Morhaime announced during the keynote. Both Stukov and one of the new missions will be available to play at BlizzCon later today.

BlizzCon runs from Saturday Nov. 4 through Sunday Nov. 5. To see all the panels, esports events and interviews, a Virtual Ticket can be purchased for $39.99. Polygon will be covering BlizzCon from the ground all weekend.