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Check out what Overwatch’s new hero Sombra can do (update)

The hacker’s got some other skills, too

Blizzard Entertainment finally introduced us to Overwatch’s new hero, Sombra, during BlizzCon 2016’s opening ceremonies after months of teases. The offense-heavy hacker has abilities that range from deadly to deceptive, which the Overwatch website teases in a series of short clips.

There’s "Machine Pistol," which sees Sombra shooting away at enemies from a close distance:

"Hack" is what it sounds like — Sombra infiltrates her opponents to stop them dead in their tracks. She can also render restorative items useless:

"Thermoptic Camo" makes the stealthy hero both fast and invisible, and she’ll remain so until she uses another ability or takes damage:

"Translocator" is akin to teleporation, with Sombra throwing out a special device into the field that she can then return to instantaneously:

"EMP," which is presumably Sombra’s ultimate ability, uses electromagnetic energy to disarm defending foes. It’s basically like a super-hack:

To see even more of Sombra, watch her animated reveal trailer below. She’ll be playable on the Public Test Realm next week for players on Windows PC.

Update: Blizzard uploaded a new trailer where Sombra further shows off her skillset. Check that out above for another chance to see Overwatch's new hero in action.

Update 2: As of Nov. 7, Sombra is now playable on the public test realm for PC players. Go try out her moveset for yourself!

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