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Watch Sombra recount how she became Overwatch’s most brilliant hacker

“Who is Sombra? Nobody knows”

To introduce Overwatch’s next playable character, Blizzard Entertainment built the game’s most complicated mystery. The unknown is a key part of Sombra, as she herself explains in a new video that goes way back to her beginnings.

Sombra is synonymous with hacking in the world of Overwatch, and it’s a skill she’s been working on since childhood. Eventually, what was a passion project became a means of survival: The little hacker girl grew up to be a cybernetically enhanced super-spy, adopting the name Sombra.

This brief background story doesn’t actually reveal too much about Sombra, even as it provides color to the character that Overwatch players are eager to try their hand with. But therein lies the essence of this woman. Sombra is fiercely guarded, and that’s just the way she likes it.

We got a sense of what life is like now for the enigmatic character in her reveal trailer, which Blizzard premiered during the opening ceremony of its annual BlizzCon event. Meet present-day Sombra below, and then browse through her abilities before she hits the Public Test Realm next week.

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