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Pokémon Go’s nearby tracker is making a comeback

But the dearly missed feature is still just in beta

Pokemon Go Polygon

A revamped version of Pokémon Go’s in-game Pokémon tracking system is making its way to other territories, developer Niantic announced in a blog post over the weekend. Beta testers in the Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco Bay areas can now try out the new nearby feature, which gives players a more detailed way to find Pokémon around town.

The nearby Pokémon feature’s return has been high on players’ wishlists since Niantic removed it from the game in July. Upon Pokémon Go’s original release, players found the in-game mapping system for finding Pokémon to be glitchy and unreliable. Since then, the developer has promised that a reworked version of the tracker would be available to all players eventually.

Niantic told Polygon in October that there was no timeline to bring this feature beyond the San Francisco Bay area testers who got first dibs on the beta back in August. Although it’s now spreading across state lines, there’s still no word on when players nationwide will get the better Pokémon tracker.

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